Coming soon Honor flip phone: Honor announces first flip phone

Honor flip phone: Sharing the news in a statement, HONOR CEO George Zhao confirmed that the brand is in the final stages of developing these new devices.

This year we are preparing for the launch of the flip phone – we are in the final stages internally now.” Both products are scheduled to launch towards the end of the year, with the exact date not yet confirmed. The technology will be the company’s first vertically foldable smartphone, joining HONOR’s many foldable phones available for purchase, including the HONOR Magic V2 launching in 2023.

Honor flip phone
Coming soon Honor flip phone: Honor announces first flip phone

No official announcement has been made regarding the name of Honor’s upcoming flip phone. However, there is strong speculation that it may adopt the moniker ‘Magic’, a name that has graced many of Honor’s previous mobile devices. Interestingly, Honor’s book-style devices often feature a distinctive ‘V’ branding, which beautifully mirrors the shape it forms when opened. If Honor follows this trend, we can lovingly refer to their flip phones as ‘F’ devices. Alternatively, it may simply be known as ‘Honor Magic Flip’. We will have to wait and see.

Honor is yet to reveal the exact launch date of its latest phone. However, during an interview with CNBC in February 2024, CEO George Zhao indicated that the company was preparing for a launch later this year. Furthermore, he mentioned that the phone was in its final internal stages, which strongly suggests that we can expect an official launch before the end of 2024.

As for a more accurate release date, making predictions is the same as trying to predict winning lottery numbers blindfolded. However, given Honor’s historical standards, we can expect an initial launch in China, followed by a global launch several months later. With this in mind, one could speculate that the phone won’t hit European shores until early 2025 but note that this is purely speculation at this point.

Honor is adjusting its approach to the global market. This year’s launch could be one where the device can be seen simultaneously in China and Europe. However, there is a twist in this international story: respect has not yet spread its magic dust in the United States. So if you’re on the other side of the pond, don’t hold your breath at this sudden change in tradition.

There is no official information available regarding the price of the upcoming Honor flip phone. Given that this will be the manufacturer’s first device of its kind, we have no historical reference to estimate its potential cost based on previous generations. However, it’s worth noting that Honor’s latest book-style foldable, the Magic V2, comes with a more affordable price tag than its counterparts from Samsung or Google.

Honor flip phone

Given the current landscape, our anticipation is that the forthcoming Honor flip phone will be priced either below or at least on par with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 (starting at $999.99/£1,049) and the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra (also priced at $999/£1,049).

However, it would be a feather in Honor’s cap if they manage to undercut the regular Razr 40’s price of £799 in the UK. Let’s hope they pull off this budget-friendly magic trick

Honor has yet to officially unveil details about its forthcoming flip phone. However, according to Weibo leaker Digital Chat Station (via GSMArena), the inaugural flip foldable from Honor is expected to boast a 4,500mAh battery, which would be the most capacious among such devices.

During the MWC 2024 tech show in Barcelona, Honor placed significant emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI). While several features are slated for the flagship Magic 6 Pro (a conventional slab phone), it would be a delightful twist if these innovations also found their way into the realm of the flip phone.

Honor’s AI is poised to evolve into a more sophisticated entity over time, potentially introducing novel AI features by the flip phone’s launch. Assuming the device falls into the high-end category, it will likely be powered by either Qualcomm’s current Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or the upcoming 8 Gen 4. Brace yourselves for a main display that surpasses the Magic V2’s modest 6.43-inch cover screen, perhaps even rivaling the Magic 6 Pro’s 6.8-inch panel.

During the same CNBC interview, Honor’s CEO, George Zhao, spilled the beans about an intriguing project: a smart ring that could very well lock horns with Samsung’s Galaxy Ring. As for the release date of this mysterious ring, it remains more elusive than a ninja in a foggy forest. However, one thing seems certain: these two devices are destined to dance harmoniously within Honor’s ecosystem.

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