Coming soon BMW iX3 SUV Future electric SUV: Electric SUV

Get ready for a revolution in electric driving! Because BMW is bringing the next generation iX3 electric SUV, which will be the first vehicle to be launched on Trailblazer BMW’s innovative new class platform. To give us a taste of what’s to come, a concept version has been unveiled, offering a glimpse of the sleek design and advanced features we can expect. Stay tuned for this game-changing electric SUV that is set to re-energize our expectations of electric mobility.

Coming soon BMW iX3 SUV Future electric SUV: Electric SUV

BMW iX3 SUV Future electric SUV

BMW iX3 electric SUV: The 2026 BMW iX3 is set to make waves at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show, but fans got an early treat with the unveiling of its Vision New Class concept. This exciting preview gives us a glimpse into the future of BMW’s electric vehicle lineup, showcasing the innovative design and cutting-edge technology we can expect from the iX3 when it officially hits the road. Keep your eyes on this next generation electric SUV, because this electric SUV from BMW will definitely turn heads and create new records in the EV market.

BMW is taking a bold step forward with its latest design, which was showcased on the i Vision D Concept in early 2023 and further developed with the Vision New Class Concept Sedan. This latest and modern design approach is set to become the foundation of the upcoming new Klasse X, paving the way for the next iX3 electric SUV. Eager fans can expect the launch of this exciting new electric SUV in late 2025, which promises a blend of style, innovation, and electric performance.

BMW iX3 SUV Future electric SUV
BMW iX3 SUV Future electric SUV

The designs are a departure from the brand’s current range of vehicles, which have been widely criticised for their oversized grilles and arguably disproportionate shapes.

According to BMW Group’s Design Director, Adrian van Hooydonk, all future ‘X’ badged SUVs from the German car maker will feature upright ‘kidney’ grilles – as previewed on this latest SUV concept, borrowing from models from the 1980s – rather than the wide integrated grilles shown on the i Vision Dee.

Van Hooydonk says BMW will adopt LED lights where chrome would previously feature.

“The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X provides a look ahead to the X models of the Neue Klasse,” van Hooydonk said during a presentation.

Future electric SUV
Future electric SUV

“The X models will always remain strong in character: monolithic, clean and with a very distinctive vertical interpretation of the BMW light signature.”

The Vision Neue Klasse X, which translates to ‘New Class’ in English, is BMW’s latest concept that marries tradition with innovation. It retains iconic BMW features like the ‘Hofmeister Kink’ – the distinctive curve at the base of the rear side windows, a hallmark of BMW’s timeless design. This concept is a nod to BMW’s heritage while steering towards a future of sleek, modern aesthetics.

In this case, BMW has emphasised the shape using a “reflective print” on the rear pillar.


BMW’s concept car features a sleek, frameless door design that adds to its modern flair. In a clever twist, the door handles have been re-imagined as subtle ‘wings’ located below the window glass, blending seamlessly into the design – much like the cleverly hidden handles on the classic Ferrari Dino . This design choice is a stylish nod to automotive history and a step toward a more streamlined, futuristic look.

Inside, BMW has employed a minimalistic theme, doing away with the centre control stack in favour of a large infotainment touchscreen, which includes controls for the air-conditioning system.

The new-generation iDrive system will be fully customisable by each driver.

Closer to the eyeline of the driver is the instrument cluster, referred to as BMW Panoramic Vision, which projects information onto the lower part of the windscreen and spans the width of the glass.

Vision New Classe X which uses sixth generation battery technology, Which packs a punch with 20% higher energy density than its predecessors. And if we talk about the battery performance of this car, you can expect 30% more driving range from it compared to existing models, taking you further in your adventures with fewer stops to recharge. This is a significant leap forward in electric vehicle technology that promises to make long-distance electric travel more convenient than ever.


The 800-volt charging system of this car improves the speed by 30 percent, allowing a driving range of 300 kilometers in just 10 minutes of charging.

The battery technology will also allow bi-directional charging – allowing the vehicle to not only take charge, but provide electricity to homes and grid infrastructure.

BMW is set to revolutionize its electric vehicles with the introduction of four cutting-edge electronic control units, playfully dubbed as “super brains.” These powerhouses are said to deliver up to ten times the computing power of previous systems. This upgrade isn’t just about raw performance; it’s poised to make a “quantum leap” in the realm of automated driving, enhancing the intelligence and capabilities of BMW’s future electric vehicles for a smarter, safer driving experience.

BMW has hinted at an exciting development without directly mentioning the iX3. He has suggested that the first vehicle to come on the innovative new Klasse platform will be a mid-size electric SUV. Fans of the brand can expect production of this eagerly awaited model to reach high gear in the latter half of 2025. This move is going to prove to be an important point for BMW as they move forward in the electric vehicle sector.

FaQs BMW iX3 SUV Future electric SUV

How much will the BMW ix3 cost?

The BMW iX3 has a recommended retail price (RRP) of £63,260 and an on-the-road price (OTR) of £64,165.

How much is BMW SUV iX3?

The BMW i Series 2023 is currently available u003cstrongu003efrom $86,800 for the i Series IX3 up to $114,900 for the i Series IX3u003c/strongu003e.

Will there be a new iX3?

Production of the next-gen iX3 u003cstrongu003ethis Neue Klasse X teases will begin sometime in 2025 in Hungaryu003c/strongu003e. The new Debrecen production plant will be the home of models such as the long-wheelbase i3 sedan and iX3 that are currently made in China.

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